Friday, May 27, 2011

WFTDA loses longtime member league

Word came out this week that Dixie Derby, Huntsville Alabama's longtime WFTDA member league will no longer be participating in the WFTDA. I know several people involved with that league but this came as a shock to me. I tried to reach the various contacts I have gotten to know over the years but received no reply. The only thing I have found that vaguely resembles an explanation is this picture from the sports section of their local newspaper that was taken at their last bout on May 21st:

On the bright sidee, there are some kickbutt deals for skates and accessories listed on Craigslist in the Huntsville area right now.

(Thanks to Dixie Derby's eRacerX for sending me the pic!)



  1. Maybe they're one of the many leagues looking to leave WFTDA and join MADE.

  2. By the way, this picture proves my theory that all referees are godless heathens.

  3. those made rules have more holes than a sieve.

  4. please keep us updated if you hear anything. the leagues vs. wftda drama seems to have been relatively low and i'd be interested to know what could cause that. oddly enough, the wftda logo is still on the huntsville website.

  5. PLEASE everyone, PLEASE note that this is JUST a (hilarious) rapture joke! DDG is still a league, and still a member of the WFTDA...