Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh Blogger Where Art Thou?

It's callout day on Derby Helper and the offender getting called out is none other than yours truly. A Pittsburgh area resident hit us with this little gem on Facebook today:

so when will you be helping us w Derby?

That was the politest, most nonchalant way that I've ever been called a lazybutt. A quick look at our recent blog history will show you that there has been a marked downturn in the frequency of posts lately. It has been two weeks since anything was posted, and meaningful content had been scarce even before the silly "Doing It Wrong" pictures. (FYI there's more of those on the way, bwahahaha!) Well derby-lovers of the world, don't worry. I have plenty more valuable roller derby information to share with all of you.

There's only one reason why I have failed to spend all my available computer time authoring a living, breathing guide to the hidden secrets of the derby universe:
His name is Stabbyguy and he has a +2 Axe of Sexyliciousness

OK, actually there are 2 reasons.  The second reason is a far better excuse because it is a genuine contribution to the growth of roller derby in America and hopefully beyond as time goes on.  I'll have the cheery, encouraging details for you in the next few days but right now I'm already late for a guild meeting so I'll get back to you once we finish slaughtering the chaotic evil bugbears of Cerulean Hills.

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  1. *chuckle* Good luck against the bugbears! B)