Thursday, September 30, 2010

Place Your Bets

The "Rollin' on the River" tournament is about to kick off in Sacramento, California and everyone with any WFTDA knowledge knows that this tourney will feature one big 'ole Goliath and a bunch of wanna-be Davids. So to make this interesting, I want to force everyone pick a side by using the following scenario:

You are forced by aliens with laser-knuckles to bet all of your worldly possessions on the winner of the Western Regional. You have two choices: the Oly Rollers or the entire rest of the field. Who do you choose?


(Postmortem: 62% chose Oly Rollers and went down in flames along with Oly's win streak.)



  1. A similar thing is happening across the pond tomorrow (Oct 2) at the UK All-Stars vs. London Rollergirls (only UK WFTDA league)!

  2. I am not so sure that Rocky Mountain is a "David", if they end up facing Oly for the final (because Oly WILL be there for sure) that might be one of the best games of the Big 5!