Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Help Me Help You

As the creeks run dry before the rains eventually replenish them, so likewise do I occasionally out run out of ideas for roller derby blog subject matter. Please irrigate the crops (so to speak) by emailing me questions so that I can help improve your overall roller derby experience while simultaneously taunting you in an uncalled-for manner.

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  1. Hi Derby helper!
    I read your article on derby drama and found it very useful. I do have a question/situation I hope you can help me with. There is one person in our league that causes a lot of drama. She does it in very sneaky behind the scene ways but all the drama (or the so-called trail of tears) leads back to her. She's managed to get more than one person kicked out of the league and has crushed the spirits of many others. It's at the point where no one wants to be on any committees' b/c of the drama and all the bitterness and negativity that comes with it. She's one of the founders of our league and she hasn't done anything that would cause her to be kicked out according to our charter. She rarely comes to practice and hardly every skates so intentionally taking her out at the knees is not an option (I've thought of that! ;p) Any thoughts on the best way to deal with this person?