Monday, October 19, 2009

And the winner is...

Congratulations to MamaKaze of the Texas Rollergirls Rec 'n' Rollerderby Recreational League! She wins the respect of the tattoo and rollerderby worlds but more importantly, she wins a brand new Derby Helper t-shirt!

Unfortunately, it does draw attention away from your awesome moustache :-(

If you missed the contest and you think your tattoo coulda kicked MamaKaze's butt, don't worry, we're having another contest in early 2010. Can't wait that long to claim your prize? Order your own t-shirt over there in the right-side panel. -->  -->  -->

Now be a good bunch of readers and give her some love in the comments.


  1. Mamakaze, Texas Rollergirls Rec' n' Rollerderby, Texas Rollergirls Rock n' Rollerderby, Austin, Texas and last but certainly not least 1000 Hurts/Stacey Martin RULE!!!

    Congratulations, darlin'.


  2. Mamakaze - you rock! Love your tattoo and so proud to skate with your lovely self each and every week!

    Bruise Violet

  3. MamaKaze! that's an awsomely nice t-shirt prize you got there!

    You totally rock & deserve it!


  4. That's great MamaKaze! Yours really was the best. Congrats to 1000 Hurts too! Derby love, Mother Lode

  5. Yesss! I knew it would win all along - congratulations!