Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Championships - Cliff Notes edition

Alright derby lovers, I had planned a couple of post-championship wrap-up posts for last week, followed by the launch of Derby Earth bright and early this morning. The problem is, a series of events have had me traveling non-stop through the northern and eastern US and will soon have me trolling my way across the midwest. I have had to cancel some fun stuff I had started like replaying the 2010 WFTDA Championship tournament bracket if the best uniform always won the game (spoiler alert: Oly came in dead last) as well my on and off track observations on the whole event. So instead of completely missing out, here are my highly abbreviated championship observations, all in 10 words or less:
  • Rocky Mountain played like beasts, deserved to win
  • UIC Pavilion - best derby venue I've been in yet
  • Seeing so many leagues attending to watch made me happy
  • I learned not to tweet/facebook while all drunked up
  • DNN does a great job at tournaments, give them money
  • I was too busy to meet everyone I wanted to
  • 3 days of derby is not too much derby
  • If fandom was a tournament, Nashville fans would win championship
  • If fan costumes were a tournament, Bay Area wins
  • Thank goodness for unseasonably warm weather
  • Chicago mass transit was efficient and surprisingly clean
  • I need more sleep than I did in my 20's
  • Everyone at the tourney was happy to be there
  • I can't wait 'til next year
Alright, that will have to do it for now.  No more posts until I announce that Derby Earth is open for business!


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