Sunday, November 7, 2010

Roll Call

UIC Pavilion in Chicago, early November 2010. A place filled with the extremes of the 21st century human soul. A giant gathering that brims with high hopes, booming music, smiling faces, sparkly jammer panty booths, drunken internet rants, heartwrenching losses and ecstatic victories. But what single defining moment really captured the essence of this event in the most profound way?

Meh, I don't know either so instead here are pictures of a variety of skaters and fans from leagues around the world who came to watch the WFTDA Championship and who didn't think I was too creepy to let take their picture. Enjoy!

The Lansing Derby Vixens

The Greenville and Arizona Derby Dames

Montreal Roller Derby

Rollergirls of Southern Indiana

Mason Dixon Roller Vixens

The Chicago Outfit

Uh... This chick.

The Texas Rollergirls free babysitting service

The Peoria Push

Quad City Rollers

Black 'n Bluegrass Roller Girls

LaFayette Brawlin' Dolls

Illinois Valley Vixens

Burning River Roller Girls

Harm City Homicide

Ft. Wayne Derby Girls

Roc City Rollerderby

Most of Indiana
(Circle City, Race City, Bleeding Heartland, ROSI)

Nashville Junior Roller Derby

Cape Fear Rollergirls

Texas Rollergirls

Omaha Rollergirls

Old Capital City Rollergirls

Fox City Foxz

Skee Town Skirtz

Calgary Roller Derby Association

Des Moines Derby Dames

Ohio Roller Girls

Detroit Derby Girls

Winnipeg Roller Derby League

Cape Girardeau Roller Girls

Gate City Roller Girls

London Rollergirls

Bradentucky Bombers

Soy City Rollers

Hellions of Troy

Vette City Vixens

My Dreamgirl (batteries not included)

Grand Raggidy Roller Girls

Big Easy Rollergirls

Toronto Roller Derby

Naptown Roller Girls

Harbor City Roller Dames

Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Oklahoma City Roller Derby

Soy City Rollers

Rage City Rollerderby

City of Fists Rollergirls

People whose opinion I respect

...and Lansing Derby Vixens again, probably because vodka is awesome

Glass City Rollers

South Bend Roller Girls

The Rockford Rage

Paper Valley Roller Girls

Tri-City Roller Girls

Ithaca Sufferjets

Twin Cities Junior Roller Derby

Arch Rival Roller Girls

Utica Clubbers

Cincinnati Rollergirls

Mississippi Valley Mayhem

Delevan Dolls Derby

Flint City Derby Girls

North Star Roller Girls (Hi Stalkypants!)

Minnesota Rollergirls

Dutchland Rollers

Bruisin' Burgs Rollergirls

My new derby crush

Flat Track Furies

Rose City Rollers

Killamazoo Derby Darlins

There are plenty more who have come all this way to watch the championship but sadly in many cases I have been unable to break off and talk to them because I was wa-a-ay too close to the front of the beer line.  Enjoy the final everyone!



  1. Very cool!! (FYI - Utica Clubbers is a team under the CNY Roller Derby league)

    ~Slay :)

  2. i was next too you in my league shirt and you turn up yer nose...

  3. Secretly flicking off other teams. Way to keep it classy BREW CITY!

  4. Haha, so happy to see my little shark, which was lovingly created in MS Paint and then ironed on to shirts, made an appearance. We at Tri City decided to create a new shirt to wear for each day instead of our regular logo. Much fun and Sofanda Beatin' and Gray Matter wear it well.

    Lippy Wrongstockings
    Tri-City Roller Girls

  5. The SufferJets are a team under the Ithaca League of Women Rollers.

    Slow derby only sucks for the strategically impaired.