Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Calling All Rollerderby Superfans!

Does your roller derby league have one or more "Superfans"? Not just someone who shows up for every home game, we're talking about people who get your logo airbrushed on their van or drive to see you play every away game or name their kids after your players.

"We hereby christen thee Victoria Ho-Smacker Willingham."

If you have exactly that caliber fan and want to show them your appreciation by giving them their moment in the sun, send an email with their name, a picture and a description of what they do that qualifies them for Superfan status to us at  We'll happily give them the props they deserve for being the kind of fans that we were prior to that pesky anti-stalking cease and desist court order.  (If YOU are the superfan then yes you can submit yourself and no we can't get you tickets and a hotel room for Declaration of Derby.)

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