Monday, November 9, 2009

Superfan of the Month - "Our Boy George"

It takes an odd breed of person to put on rollerskates, roll out onto a rock-hard surface and intentionally smash into other people. But it takes a whole other level of crazy-ass to paint themselves fluorescent yellow and follow those people around the country like they were the Grateful Dead. So we here at Derby Helper have decided to start occasionally taking a break from alternately supporting and making fun of roller derby players in order to support and make fun of of their most ardent supporters, the roller derby Superfans. This month's winner was nominated by Sander Smith, a self-described Superfan of Portland, Oregon's Rose City Rollers. In order for a Superfan consider you a Superfan, you have to have done something awesomely horrifying to earn that honor. Hey winner, have you done anything awesomely horrifying?

Yup, that'll work.

Alright Sander, take it away! (Seriously, take that mental image away. Now. With a fork if necessary.)

Though I would consider myself a Roller Derby SuPeR FaN, where I come from my name would simply be one of many. The are tons of hardcore derby fanatics in the lovely Rose City. To say one is a bigger fan than another would not only a bold statement it would be just plan wrong. I will say there are Super Fans that Super Fans like me admire and respect (using that word loosely in this case). I submit RCR SuPeR
FaN, Heartless Heathers Hardcore and Roller Derby Gadabout..."Our Boy George".

 End result: emergency surgery and a bitchin' scar.

Most bout nights at any number of the NW leagues bouts, you will find our boy George sitting on the Jammer line, usually joined by his Derby Wife Kanna, well on his way to sloshed and generally sporting a witty Derby T shirt or holding some equally witty signage. He is a fixture and someone who's attendance you notice...when he is NOT there.

I admire George's fandom because unlike socially awkward me, who sulks into the venue, grabbing a supply of PBR and finding my spot, George arrives. While I knod sheepishly at the skaters I love, George let's them know where he stands. I quietly go home post bout to blog about the players that thrilled me and shroud my dislikes in some thinly veiled passive agressive bullshit and George is at the After Party giving them his thoughts to their faces. Skaters know George...
 Oh they know him alright.  This picture and the restraining order prove it.

George and I share several passions, a deep seated love for the Heartless Heathers, we pray at the Church of Sol Train's Ass and we both love our Rose City Rollers. Though I occasionally see some of their away games, George almost always makes the trip. George supports the league in a variety of other ways to...there was the ebay auction of Vominatrix 2nd half Bikini and the Silent auction where I am quite sure I was out bid on Sol Train's WoJ jersey by our boy. George isn't just a fan, he is a part of the Rose City Rollers icon in our community of misfits.

 Vampirism or garlic belch attack?  You make the call.

Our Boy George is not just a Super Fan, he is my Roller Derby SuPeR Fan Hero!


Does your league have a Superfan who deserves recognition?  Send an email to with a description and pictures that prove it and you could see them here!


  1. George is the best fan any derby girl could hope for!!

    not only is he ALWAYS at our home bouts, he takes god knows how much time off work to travel nationally to cheer on our all-star team AND to help us before every expo center bout with laying down the track.

    george is an amazingly dedicated fan and, more importantly, a dear friend to all of us.
    RCR would not be what it is without him... he truly epitomizes the heart and love of derby.

  2. My favorite George story is about when his then-girlfriend threatened to break up with him if he flew off to Austin or somewhere to see one more Roller Derby tournament. His response: "Okay, but can you still drive me to the airport?"

  3. This man is the best super fan in the world! He is always screaming at us with passion for the game and the first on the line for high fives at the end of the game! LOVE YOU GEORGE! p.s. Kanna we love you too!

  4. man, everywhere i go, i see this guy!! awesome superfan! congrats!

  5. p.s. that photo of Blood Clottia's gay leg is KILLING me.

  6. George also hand sewed that 1/2 & 1/2 t-shirt himself.
    xoxo, we love all <3 George!!

  7. George's ass is identical to Vom's. Amazing.