Monday, November 23, 2009

Co-Ed Roller Derby - The Champions and the Challenges

First off, congratulations to Man's Ruin Roller Derby for winning the 2009 Old School Derby Association Co-Ed Championship.

Secondly, since we're on the subject, I thought I'd take the opportunity to discuss this interesting and relatively small niche in the derby world. Co-ed roller derby is a quirky little variant that gives chicks and dudes on skates the opportunity to bang each other. (See what I did there? Tee hee hee!)

It is rare that men and women take the field of play in any contact sport on equal competitive footing. I haven't had the opportunity to see a co-ed game yet but I can see where there would be some serious pros and cons to it. The possible huge weight differentials, the agonizing over the social stigma against boys hitting girls, the problems with finding uniforms with extra room around the chest AND in the crotch, all in all I can see where it would be a uniquely challenging enterprise. So we salute you, co-ed roller derby warriors. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you line up!

I'm hoping it looks like this.

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  1. Theres a co-ed bout going on in Michigan, Race City Rebels, April 10 -- they'll be the first half of a double-header! Flint City Derby girls