Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 3 recap from the WFTDA North Central Regionals

It's the third and final entry by NSRG's Stalker Channing as she takes time out of a crazy weekend of bouting, supporting and hopefully drinking to bring you coverage from the Brawl of America in Minneapolis, MN.  Best stalker ever.


Bout for 9th/10th
This has been a pretty evenly matched game, with a close score the entire time. A large crowd out here at the Roy to cheer on MNRG against GRRG. MNRG was able to hold on to the lead.

Grand Raggidy 75
Minnesota 91

Wow! NSRG had a commanding lead on ARRG from the beginning! NSRG played a fast game and held the front of the pack for some amazing defense to keep the first half at 51-8 for the first half.

ARRG brought it the second half, and getting lead jammer and splitting up NSRG's wall of blockers to bring up (and outscore) NSRG in the 2nd half, but it wasn't enough to pull out a win. A tough game for all but a great game!

North Star 85
Arch Rivals 43

Cincy and Detroit has been a tough bout. Cincy was down 73-18 in the half. They've been bringing it the second half, but a sextuple power jam for Detroit increased the lead by 30 points. Sister Slitcha got 10 and passed the star to Racer McChaser who got 20!

Cinncy was unable to make up the deficit and Detroit goes to Nationals!!

Cincinnati 62
Detroit 126

Windy City and Madison going on right now. BRUTAL game...10 mins in and it's 46-1. Ouch. Mouse just had a crazy hit against WCR jammer...

In the time it took me to take a pic...56-3 but Madison got lead jammer. 18 to go.

Madison 56
Windy City 150


Stalker's updates cut off entirely at this point, coincidentally right at the time when everyone should have been heading to the afterparty. I don't know exactly why she was unable to send a wrapup post...

...but something tells me that the Derby Helper staff would have approved.  Thanks Stalker!

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