Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stalker's Last Word

I may possibly have implied in the last post that alcohol was a factor in delaying Stalker Channing's wrap-up message from the Brawl of America. Now that her response has arrived, I officially retract that implication. If her first sentence proves one thing, it's that it definitely wasn't alcohol.


dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood....i was getting there....
so, in the second half, madison started playing their game, and while the effort was valiant, WCR was just too damn fast. srsly, fastest game ever. in the end, however, madison is thrilled to be going to nationals, and everyone (myself included) went to O'Gara's for the after party.

i also appreciated the windy city fans that stole a local st. paul mayoral candidate's yard sign which read "eva for mayor" and doctored it up to show some love to WCR's Eva Dead. no pics were taken so no one gets in trouble ;-)

at the after party: a guns and roses cover band, reidell giveaways, and more booze that you can shake a fish at (???) ensured that a good time was had by all.

in the end, MNRG put on a helluva tournament. And I think the level of competition from the North Central region has gotten the derby world to wake up and watch :-)

Congrats to everyone this weekend! And thanks for letting me blather on, Derby Helper!
Much derby love,


You can blather for us any time Stalkypants, derby smoochies to you! (Which, of course, is a punch in the arm.)

2 great weekends of roller derby down, two more to go. The Derby Helper staff finally makes its first physical appearance at regionals this coming weekend when Jessticular Fortitude puts on her hip waders and sloshes her way to the Southern Fried Smackdown in spectacularly flooded Atlanta, Georgia.

On the bright side, blockers will water ski behind a racing boat and jammers will try to weave through them on jet skis, which will be the single most awesome thing to happen in Atlanta since the Olympics.  Or Coke Zero, it's a close call.


  1. Can't wait to see you guys at the Smackdown. They issue you your own motorboat (and I'm not talking about what Robo Roller does to your dirty pillows) when you cross statelines now! It is glorious. Come on down ya'll.

    Spazz Attack, ARG

  2. WFTDA does seem to be making a habit of starting its tournaments right after a natural disaster. Remember last year's Western Regionals right after the hurricane in Houson?