Friday, September 11, 2009

WFTDA Regionals - Day 1

It's a rollerderby national holiday - day one of the WFTDA Playoffs! Today's coverage of the Eastern Regional in Raleigh, NC will be brought to you by Raleigh resident Dru Blood.  Be sure to shower him with beers of thanks when you see him. (Not literally of course. Just, you know, hand him the beers of thanks.)  And now, on to the coverage!

Times are EST
Dru: I'm all geared up and heading to Dorton Arena for the start of Regionals.

yellow brick road to derby!!!

First Jam of the day!

#9 seed DC Rollergirls upset the #8 seed CT Rollergirls 139-70

Upset streak ends at one.  #7 Steel City Derby Demons nuke the #10 seed Dominion Derby Girls off the face of the earth, 237 - 30

Gotham/Providence lining up

#1 seed Gotham fails to follow Steel City's example, only manages a paltry 156 point win over #6 Providence Roller Derby by a score of 181-25.

Joy Collision of Charm City sets a WFTDA Tournament record by scoring 30 points in one jam.  That's 6 grand slams.  I'm not sure I could even do 6 LAPS in two minutes.

#3 seed Charm City roars to a 213-28 over #9 D.C. In the process, they scored as many or more points in one jam than three other teams have managed to score in a whole game.  I hear that for the next bout, they're wearing blind folds and using three wheels on each skate.

#7 seed Steel City is still dizzy from scoring so much in their first bout, #2 Philly drubs them 219-50.

#5 seed Boston sees that the crowd is ready to finally watch a competitive back and forth bout that goes down to the wire. Boston flips the audience the bird and pummels #4 Carolina 112 to 40.

Average margin of victory per bout - 143 points
Average number of exciting endings per bout - zero

More pictures are forthcoming once Dru sleeps off his hangover enough to plug in his laptop. Here's to a more competitive day two! *chugs beer*


  1. You must have been drinking heavily during this event. #2 Philly beat #7 Steel City 219-50. #4 Carolina was later bested by #5 Boston 112-40

  2. And now you know the dangers of trying to cover an event 30 seconds at a time while taking care of personal business like a good responsible taxpayer. Boston, Philly, all those large east coast cities with funny accents that were pivotal in the revolutionary war look alike to me.