Sunday, September 27, 2009

WFTDA South Central Regionals - Day 2

 Day one of South Central regionals followed in the footsteps of the Eastern regionals, giving spectators a steady diet of spectacular blowouts.  This has mostly become par for the course on day one of the regional tournaments.  But as lower ranked teams are eliminated and teams are theoretically closer in skill levels, day 2 has generally been competitive and has given us some excellent roller derby to watch.  So the Southern Fried Smackdown would no doubt give us some closer scores and a couple of exciting nailbiters, right?

Nope, they went like this


At the half Nashville leads West Texas 100 - 25

Nashville 212
West Texas 49

Atlanta leading Memphis 36-25. Memphis time out

Atlanta 190
Memphis 77

No Coast 110
Tampa Bay 127

140 - 10 Texicutioners lead DDD at half.
(Editor's note: At this point I texted back asking if Texas is using baseball bats this weekend.)

278 - 15 this is brutal

Dallas 19
Texas 288

Houston 56
Kansas City 118

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  1. Thanks for not picturing me mooning other teams. The NRG tattoo on my ass isn't done. Still need to color it in.