Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Show Goes On - WFTDA North Central Regionals Day 1

 Once again, something awesome is happening in the world of rollerderby and the derbyhelper staff is too busy doing community service to fulfill the judge's sentence to be there.  Thankfully, Stalker Channing of the Northstar Roller Girls has agreed to be the eyes and ears of Derby Helper at the Brawl of America. 


I'm getting ready to head to the Roy for the first game. North Star Roller Girls in a rematch with the Brew City Bruisers. It's going to be a day full of derby, but NSRG hearts are saddened by the tragic loss of our friend and league-mate, Moxie Mayhem, who died after being struck by a car while walking her 3 month old daughter, Zoe, in a stroller just yesterday. Zoe survived with barely a scratch.

Our league found out at about 10 pm last night and some of our skaters, as well as the MNRG and Brawl of America staff, worked into the wee hours to make sure we can honor her properly today. The Supernovas will be wearing pink ribbons in her honor and there will be a moment of silence at our game this morning. We are setting up an online fund for donations to her family on my league's website and will have a basket for donations at our booth.

I promise the rest of my updates will be happier.

(Stalker played in bout 1, hence the long gap in updates.)

Brewcity 140
North Star 113

Grand Raggidy 66
Burning River 130

Currently watching WCR v. MNRG. MNRG hasn't even made double digits in the first half, but are putting up a good fight.

Attached is a pic of MNRG's Superfans - 2 sisters who travel to all their bouts.

More to come! Sorry I missed Burning River v. Grand Raggidy, but HUGE upset with #10 overtaking the #7 seed.

My fave seats at the Roy - Section 203!

MNRG hits double digits with a 5 point jam by Mitzi Massacre.

Minnesota  25
Windy City 155

Looks like the two hometown rivals will be playing the first game tomorrow! First time we've met officially in Minnesota!!!

Fans line the track to congratulate the WCR. Malice doing push ups. Not sure why....penalty related, perhaps?

Canadian announcer reminds us it's the 6.1m rule instead of 20 ft rule.

BCB fans cheering them on against Madison. 92 to 18 with 10 to go.

Brewcity 56
Madison 199


Vendor area

Quarterboy of Grand Raggidy went to the hospital with a wrist injury, but it looks like she's coming back!

2 upsets and 2 blowouts. It's an exciting day at the Roy! We'll see what happens with Detroit and Burning River coming up.

Mini donuts!!
and black eyes for charity!
Minnesotans know how to party!!

Blow out #3 - Detroit over Burning River - who put up a helluva fight!

On to Arch Rival v. Cincinnati with my derby crush, Sadistic Sadie...

Burning River   44
Detroit             138

Best uniform evar

Allie Gator of Madison Dairyland Dolls

Best s/o shirt evar. She's from my league. Hilarious.

Wasn't looking so good for Arch Rival, but they're pulling a good come back. Can they pull it off in time?!?!

Awesome power jam for Arch Rival...51 seconds left and it's a 7 point game.
Exciting finish to the first day of Brawl of America! Cincy holds onto their lead.

Arch Rivals 86
Cincinnati    94

One last thing. Brawl of America tweeted that 692 tickets were scanned at the door! That doesn't include any derby girls or amazing show of support for derby.

Here's hoping tomorrow's even better. Starts out with the crosstown rivalry between the #8NC North Star Roller Girls and the #6NC Minnesota Rollergirls! Should be a treat for our fans who have been waiting for a game like this.

And also, thanks to everyone for their thoughts and well wishes today. We've had an outpouring of condolences for Moxie and her family from all over the derby world. It truly is amazing and humbling. Thank you to everyone who has donated to the fund for Zoe.


Thanks a ton Stalker! If any of you in the Derby Helper audience happen to have the chance, buy her the beer and give her the hug that we wish we could.

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