Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dru's Eastern Regionals Day 2 Recap

Philly's Elle Viento

The biggest perk to volunteering for a derby tournament is all the free derby you can handle. The down side is actually doing the work you're assigned. I spent the first two bouts today working the CRG merch booth, which is currently overflowing with our regular assortment of merchandise but also everything tourney-related. I had a good view, as the booth is on the main floor, but the matches picked up where they left off yesterday with nothing but tilted scores. The skaters, much like yesterday, refused to quit. They showed nothing but tenacity and heart, letting the entire country know that the East will never be an easy place to play.

The single biggest surprise to me, and a few others, are the Steel City Derby Demons. Their story is new to me, and mostly everyone since they're quite the young league, but they're turning heads every where they go. With equal parts size, speed, and crafty jamming, they're putting together some impressive bouts, all without the luxury of a home rink. Derby fans everywhere would be wise to keep an eye on this league.

The highlight of the derby schedule today was the Charm City/Philly bout. The first thirty minutes were some of the finest derby I've ever seen. Charm City showed why they're quickly moving up the DNN power rankings. Unfortunately, they lack the experience a team like Philly has, and it hurt them. The Liberty Belles came out swinging at the start of the second period and never let up. Charm City kept plugging away, but could never get a grasp on things like they had in the first half. If they can take third tomorrow, they've more than earned their berth at Nationals.
Suzy Hotrod flying around the track

Two days and one after party down, one day of derby to go!

(Editor's question: Does she mean roller derby or weed?)

(Editor's question: Huh?)


  1. Is that Alassin Sane from Atlanta in the bottom photo?

  2. Yes it is, Jess. She's a big fan of Dolly's and not happy with some of the calls. By Sunday's after party, she had made a shirt expressing the same sentiment...

  3. For those who don't know, Dolly Rocket is penalty-prone. Some are earned, but some are for just being on the track. Watch the replays and draw your own conclusions...

  4. Charm City has LOADS of experience. Their first sanctioned (OK, wasn't called that yet) WFTDA bout was in January 2007. They've been playing the best teams out there this year (and beat many of them). Sometimes two of them on the same night.

    Here's their record so far this year (prior to tournament, in reverse order):
    Lost to #1NCWindy City 98-117 away
    Beat Philly 149-74 home (I mention this later)
    Beat #2SC Kansas City 135-115 away
    Beat #2NC Detroit 141-94 @ECE
    Beat Rat City 122-119 @ECE
    Lost to TXRG 104-112 in Boston
    Beat Carolina 127-100 home
    Lost to Gotham 72-120 home
    Beat Pikes Peak 148-111 right after last bout
    Beat Maine 157-52 away a day after next bout
    Beat Boston 89-77 away
    Beat Atlanta 128-78 right before they...
    Beat Harrisburg 143-62 at home
    Beat Providence 171-76 @home same night they
    Beat Dutchland 187-41

    The only "experience" issue I could suggest may have been afoot was the experience of losing two or three of their best skaters to injury in a couple of games.

    Interesting things to note: Their loss to Philly not only had the same margin as their win over them a few weeks back, it was the same score reversed. Many put Philly's loss down to being without their best jammers. Which I guess you could say had a lot to do with Charm City's troubles during and after their Philly bout at this tournament.

  5. I didn't say Charm City has no experience, I said they lack the experience Philly has. Philly has been around two years longer. Also, Charm City only lost one player in this bout. Granted it was Joy Collision, but it's still only one player. You don't get where they are on the back of one person.

    I had Charm City picked to fill the third spot, prior to losing any skaters. They missed it by the skin of their teeth after losing not only Joy but Flo Shizzle as well.