Monday, September 14, 2009

Dru's Eastern Regionals Day 3 Recap

 A CCRG fan proclaims her love for Just Carol
It's been 17+ hours since the last bout ended, 13 hours since the club made everyone leave, and about 12 hours since I went to bed and I still don't know how to describe what I saw last night. At least to a point that will convey the intensity and electricity of every second of two entire bouts of derby. Let's just say, the derby junkie in me is considering unemployment if it means going to Nationals...

The day started with the last two of the consolation bracket bouts. No real surprises, two more bouts, two more lopsided scores. Again, though, every skater gave her all and played a full sixty minutes. The third bout of the day, however, changed things up a bit. A men's bout was held and it was interesting first for me. The bout was an intense, close-scoring affair and set the tone for the rest of the night perfectly. A team comprised of skaters from Harm City Homicide and The Dirty Dozen took on a squad mixing NY Shock Exchange and Connecticut Death Quads.

After watching Charm City's Joy Collision go down with a series-ending knee injury and the team's refusal to let that stop them, I was not at all surprised at how hard they played to start their match versus Boston. What did surprise me, though, was the intensity of that resolve after losing Flo Shizzle during the first half. Being down two of your best jammers and pushing harder than before is an incredible feat. Just Carol of Charm City gets my vote for MVP of this tournament. She kept things going when others would have quit, helping her team almost erase a 40+ point deficit. The team as whole took advantage of miscues and penalties up until the final jam of the game, when Boston made it's only serious mistake. Is there any reason for a jammer to not call of a jam when the game clock is at 0, you have lead, and you're winning? If so, please let me know. Boston took LJ, but for some unknown reason, continued to play after game time expired. Their jammer took a penalty, and thus a trip to the box. This gave Just Carol a power jam Charm City desperately needed. Unfortunately for Charm City, there wasn't quite enough time left on the clock and Boston got the berth at Nationals they've been denied the last two years. Skilled play and text book precision will make them a formidable opponent to whomever they draw first at Nationals.

After watching an entire bout of two teams playing as close to perfect derby as can possibly be played, what could top it? How about the last jam being the derby version of a game winning home run? A bottom of the ninth, 3-2 count, blast over the center field wall at home. Against a team that hasn't lost in roughly two years. I saw that home run, my friend, and it was incredible!! There are scoring summaries aplenty available, if you want them. All I can say is this: I never thought I'd see two teams, so deep with talent, skate so fast for so long and slug it out to the very end. And surely, I'd never see the losing team so happy for the winning team. Both teams put on displays of sportsmanship that should be used as examples everywhere.

Philly and their hard-won trophies.

As for the after parties, well, what happens at derby stays at derby. I can say that the hosting club went above and beyond their obligations and let the girls dance on for an hour after closing. Skaters from all leagues joined in to celebrate the end of an incredible Eastern Regionals tournament. Hopefully, I may even remember some of it later

Until next time,

Dru Blood

(Editor's wrap: Thanks a ton Dru! On behalf of everyone like me who wanted to be there, we appreciate you taking the time to give us a feel for how things went in Raleigh.  I'm not sure why it took so long to submit your report...
...but I'm sure you must have had a good reason.)

Tune in Friday for reports from North Central Regionals in Minnesota!


  1. absolutely BEST DERBY BOUT EVER!!! wow!! philly v gotham, that was incredible!

    can't believe we missed THAT afterparty!

  2. Great job Drew!

    BTW, if I'm not mistaken, the Charm City jammer in the last jam against Boston was Lady Quebeaum, not the awesome Just Carol.
    Just saying.

  3. The reason we had Hits play till the clock went to 0 is because we didn't want Charm City to be able to take a time out if the clock were at anything BUT 0:00. This happened to us last year when we played Carolina at Regionals and allowed them to start a new jam that eventually lead to our sad defeat by 2 points. So this time, we wanted to make damn sure that it would be the LAST jam. I guess Hits got a penalty right at 0 or something? That part didn't go as planned...but what can ya do?

    -Harlot Fevah, Pantless Militia.