Saturday, September 26, 2009

South Central Regional Day 1

The WFTDA brought their road show to Atlanta this weekend just as Tlaloc the Aztec rain god finally decided to stop trying to turn Georgia into a giant koi pond. Which way is sorta too bad because if the rain had continued, the pregame referee meeting would have been awesome.

Johnny Roastbeef, Major Wood and Maxx Chaos discuss the 20-fathom rule.

Sadly we have had to settle for rollerskates instead of jetskis but one way or the other, rollerderby is being played.  50% of the Derby Helper staff is onsite this weekend but due to Jessticular Fortitude's extensive involvement working as an NSO, she won't be reporting in until Sunday nights hangover subsides, which knowing Jess should happen on about Wednesday.  Thankfully for us, eRacer X from the Dixie Derby Girls will be sending in reports via text message throughout the weekend.  Enjoy!

(all times EDST)

No Coast 109
West Texas 79

Memphis 105
Tampa Bay 229

45 - 0 texas right now.
Nashville's jammer having a hard time getting thru.

117 - 0 still no nashville score

Nashville fans show their belligerance and awesome facial hair

132 - 0 at the half.  :(

Nashville 23
Texas 207

Hard knocks Houston 57 - No coast lincoln ne 10.
8 minutes to go in period 1

Half score: 93 - 14.

No Coast 45
Houston 183

Tampa Bay 77
Kansas City 198

Dallas 122
Atlanta 91

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