Monday, September 14, 2009

No Information (and why that's sort of a good thing)

First off, a medical tip from Derby Helper. Got constipation today? No problem, just watch a replay of yesterday's Eastern Region championship bout between Philly and Gotham. I guarantee that you'll crap your pants at the moment that they declare "no lead jammer" in the final jam of a one point game. The bout was so back and forth all game that it was fitting that my comments during the last jam were, in order:
Gotham put it away.
NO! Philly got it back, they're going to win it!
NO! 2 for Gotham, they pulled it out!
HOLY F$@*, Philly got a pass and bonus point with 3 seconds left! And I just ruined my best pajamas!
I don't have a recap from Dru for Day 3 yet, just this one blurry jubilant photo:

This may seem like a bad thing but I think it's awesome.  First off, the picture captures something about the moving, crackling energy in that room in the moments after the best bout I have ever seen.  Secondly, the lack of a detailed report tells me that the afterparty lived up to the standard that was set by the bout.  If there had been a nice long writeup in my inbox this morning, it would have been an indication of a ho-hum yawner.  Good afterparties should always be far more incapacitating to the people than the actual bout and I prefer to think that Dru is just now waking up pantless, covered with shaving cream and detailed drawings of genitalia done with black sharpies.  (Disclaimer: I have no reason to think this is actually true.  However if it is, someone please send me the picture for use in tomorrow's post.)

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  1. There was drinking, dancing, and skaters from at least five of the participating teams at the after party... At least that's what I've heard...