Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Enter Our Roller Derby Tattoo Contest

You love roller derby so much that you gave a 53-yr old overweight biker a months rent to jab you with a needle seventy five thousand times in order to permanently disfigure your epidermis with a rollerskate or your skater number or the date you and your derby wife took the vows of holy derby matrimony. Now you can share that derby love with the whole world by sending us a picture of your roller derby ink! Here's the submission info.

To enter, send us an email with:
  • A .jpeg of your tattoo (must be rollerderby-related)
  • Your derby name and league(s)
  • An explanation of the tattoo (if needed, this is optional)
Send the email to us at by October 5th, 2009 and prepare yourself for worldwide acclaim!

(And if your derby wife is the one who has an amazing derby tattoo, don't let the fact that it's on her ass stop you from submitting it for her without her knowledge or consent!  She'll secretly be thankful the whole time she is punching you.)

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