Sunday, September 20, 2009

WFTDA North Central Regionals Day 2

Stalker Channing's Day 2 recap of the WFTDA North Central Regionals. Enjoy!



Awesome start to Day 2. The friendly cross-town rivalry between MNRG and NSRG was the loudest bout yet. NSRG got a big lead after the first few jams, but MNRG closed the gap and it was a tight game after that, with MNRG only getting lead once the entire game. Both fans cheered on the teams, and NSRG was able to keep their lead for the win! It was such an exciting game, my girlfriend had a panic attack...

Backstage, Moxie's sister in law came back and was smothered in hugs by the league. MNRG presented her with some lovely flowers. Again, the support from other leagues has been amazing and the Supernovas feel so lucky to have the support of such a wonderful league and fans.

North Star  76
Minnesota  61

The next game? Arch Rival just rolled over Grand Raggidy. Effectively shutting down their jammers and racking up the points.

But, it's international Talk like a Pirate Day, so here are some pics!

Grand Raggidy  26
Arch Rivals        141

OMG!!!!! It was a close game, with Burning River leading. In the last jam, Brew City got the points they needed to eek out a win...or so we thought! Burning River got 2 points for a TIE GAME!!! Overtime allowed BCB to pull out a win in arguably the most exciting game so far!

Burning River 116
Brewcity          126

Cincy is having a tough time against Windy City...more later.

Windy is dominating this game, but I can hear cowbells from Mama Sac and Sadie's moms, cheering the girls on!!

Forgot to mention BEST part of BCN v Burning River - Carrie A Hacksaw passed the effing star during the overtime jam. CRAZY!!  BCB is still feeling a little surreal about their win, but decided that the best part of playing for 7th is that is was the Happy Hour Bout - those teams get to start partying NOW! The rest of us are behaving.
Cincy putting up a valiant fight - they're playing a good game, but WCR is just proving unbeatable.  5 to go - 155 to 27.

Cincinnati   36
Windy City 163
Cincy to play for 3rd against the loser of this next bout!
Ready for Madison v Detroit!!

We're 8 minutes into Detroit v Madison and it's 8-6 Detroit. Going to be a close game!!!  Val Capone says she thinks this and the MNRG/NSRG games have had the biggest crowds tonight!

Tied at the half!!! Back and forth between Madison and Detroit. Great matchup. WOW!!!

Intense game! Detroit pulling away. They're getting lead jammer and putting up some crazy defense...Madison's not giving in yet!!

Darling Nikki and Jewels hauling ass!!!Nikki put up a great jam and then took a huge hit to the chest that got the medics out. Looks like the wind got knocked outta her. She laughed from the track and we knew she was okay.  Jewels had an amazing run that pulled them into the lead, sailing through untouched.

Madison up! The intensity is amazing. Best bout of the day.  Scott of Madison is tracking points near me. 6 minutes left, he's got 48 jams on his sheet! This is an amazingly fast game!

Jewels gets 15 points! 5 before Detroit got sent to the box, then power jam!!!

Jewels sent to the box during the last jam!!! Racer only able to pick up a few more...
Detroit    95
Madison 107
and Madison going to Nationals!

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